Montbreeze Portable Oxygen Can

Today’s world is suffering from cataclysmic situation of COVID – 19 and its impact in all dimensions whether it is economically or socially but it is clearly visible that it has most drastically trembled our health condition. We have witnessed to numerous deaths all across the world where most of cases deaths were caused due to shortage of sufficient oxygen cylinders in hospitals. There is well said proverb -“Precaution is always better than cure” and the same is not meant only for simple saying but also applicable practically.  Therefore, it is very important to take necessary steps prior to the occurrence of any unwanted incidents.

In this Article we are going to discuss about Potable Oxygen Can which emerges as a life saver during this pandemic and utmost thing is that it can be used by yourself at your home in emergency. It is not only useful for COVID-19 patients but also eminent for other health issues. To know more about Potable Oxygen Can kindly read the article thoroughly.

About Montbreeze Portable Oxygen Can –

Montbreeze is a portable oxygen can that contains 99% pure oxygen and helpful in reducing lower oxygen level related health issues complications. Oxy 99 is a premium product manufactured under approved drug unconses and SOP as per latest Indian pharmacopeia guidelines which is designed to instantly work on recovering lower oxygen level of body. It is purposely use in emergency.

Why Montbreeze Portable Oxygen Can is important?

  1. It helps in concurring health issues like Asthma and COPD, sleep Apria and migraine, Hypoxia and Hypoxemia, influenza and others.
  2. It is good for well- being as it helps you in regaining energy and always keeps you fresh. Montbreeze is helpful in releasing mental and physical stress.
  3. It helps to recover from breathlessness and suffocation, dizziness and headaches, air sickness and others air pollution related problems.
  4. It is helpful in overcoming the effects of high altitude destinations in mountainous areas where the oxygen level in the air is low, for boosting oxygen level to increase the oxygen levels in your body.

Specifications of Montbreeze Portable Oxygen Can –

  1. It is light weighted.
  2. Easy to carry (Travel friendly)
  3. It contains 99% pure natural oxygen.
  4. There are no side effects.
  5. Portable Oxygen Can height is just 27 cm.
  6. It has in-built mask.
  7. It comprising of 6 litres of oxygen.

How it works?

Human cannot survive without oxygen and it is primary source of energy for human-beings. Montbreeze instantly improves the oxygen level in the body and helps in regaining instant energy for the proper functioning of brain and body. Inhaling oxygen from Montbreeze provides you 99% pure natural oxygen and helps instantly to recover from low oxygen level condition and maintains proper body functioning. It works as a life saver in emergency situations.

Instructions to use Montbreeze Portable Oxygen Can –

  1. Press the trigger over the Can short burst of oxygen into nose or mouth while inhaling deeply.
  2. Exhale normally and do not try to hold your breath.
  3. It is compatible to use with oxygen masks.

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